Believe Me Smoking Ruins Your Looks

As smokers we have all heard about how horrible smoking is and what it can do to the inside of our bodies. It affects the lungs, messes with our blood pressure, and has been known to cause cancer, emphysema, and many other diseases. Statistics say that one in three people who are chronic smokers will suffer from one or all of these ailments, eventually killing them from smoking related illnesses. You see commercials all the time about people adversely affected, from having scars on their chest, to a tracheotomy tube in their throats, to having to be put on oxygen, or amputated limbs.

It has only been recently that some ads have been running about what smoking can do to your looks. Your looks can also be ruined by smoking, so let’s take a look at just some of the many ways this bad habit can be detrimental to your appearance. Let’s start with one of the first things people see when you meet them, your teeth. Smoking can damage your teeth and gums. It stains your teeth much worse than coffee or caffeinated drinks ever thought about. You can’t just brush these stains away, or use some kind of whitening formula either. In addition It can cause tooth and gum decay, and of course bad breath.

If you have ever smoked roll your own cigarettes, you know the term, smoker’s fingers. This is the stains you get on your fingers from non filtered, or smokes that you roll yourself. Not only can you get stains on your fingers, but also on your lips from the tar that leaves a residue. If you stop smoking these stains will eventually go away, but anyone who talks to you or shakes your hand will know that you smoke. Smoking also adversely affects your skin, drying it out and making is susceptible to wrinkles and other skin problems, making you look older before your time.

One last thing to mention about smoking ruining your looks is the way it affects your hair. If you are a chronic smoker, the toxins in cigarette smoke can damage your hair follicles, causing your hair to thin, and even fall out. Smoking affects the hormones that regulate hair growth, so that new hair won’t grow back. Just like with other effects, some of these problems go away over time when you quit smoking, but many will permanently damage your appearance. These are just a few of the damaging effects to your looks that are caused by smoking cigarettes.

Luckily, those that actually like to smoke, for whatever reason, can find many alternatives that are much safer. Two of the most popular are E cigarettes and vaporizers. Instead of breathing harmful and toxic smoke, you are simply inhaling water vapor in the case of E cigs, and the vaporized product with vaporizers. Many of the toxic chemicals found in regular cigarettes are eliminated using these alternatives. You also aren’t harming anyone around you, and in most cases these products can be used in public places where smoking real cigarettes are banned.

The biggest problem is that there are so many products and brands on the market that choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming. You have the Volcano vaporizer, Extreme Q, and many others. When it comes to E cigarettes, there are numerous brands, like Blu Ecigs, Cig2o, and Encore. What you really need is a website that offers top vaporizer reviews, including what you get, how much it costs, and what actual users are saying about it.

If you are looking for a great website that can help you choose the right smoking alternative, then turn to paintthemoon. Paint the Moon is your one stop shop for reviews of the most popular vaporizers, as well as your complete buying guide for these products. So for more information, simply go to their site to get started.

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