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Benefits of Having a Treadmill At Home

There are many benefits to having your own treadmill. One benefit is that you don’t need to go to the gym. For those just starting out getting into shape, going to the gym can be a little embarrassing. You may be out of shape, overweight, and self conscious about your image. Instead of having to expose yourself to people who are fit and trim, you don’t have to worry about self esteem issues. Gyms can be expensive, and may not be open twenty-four hours a day, or closed on weekends. Having a home treadmill means that you can exercise any time you want to. You can squeeze in a few minutes when the kids are at school or sleeping. You can exercise in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep, and you can keep up your regular exercise routine.

home equipment

If you are training for some athletic event such as a marathon, having a treadmill at home means that you can train all through the year. This is a great advantage if you live somewhere cold and wintery, since you don’t have to stop just because the weather gets bad. You can workout in the middle of the winter, and on rainy days.

Another benefit of having your own treadmill is convenience. If you only have thirty minutes to work out and it takes ten to get to the gym, then your workout is cut short. With a home unit you get in some exercise whenever you want to. You can also set up your treadmill just about anywhere. Let’s face it, working out can be boring. Sure when it’s warm you can walk around the block or at a park, but what if you can’t go out? You can set up your treadmill in front of the television and entertain yourself while doing your routine, and this distraction can help pass the time quickly.

Even though there are many kinds of exercise equipment out there, studies show that you burn more calories by using a treadmill, according to the American Medical Association, (AMA.) 700 calories are burned up using a treadmill, as compared to only 498 on a stationary bike or 627 on a stair climber. Another study showed that a workout of 60 minutes on a treadmill could burn almost 900 calories. You can see this information here.

Another advantage of owning your own treadmill is that you don’t have to ‘dress up’ to work out. You can wear your baggy sweat clothes, you can even wear your underwear or go naked if you want. You sure can’t do that at the gym! You don’t have to worry about having to buy something to eat your drink like you would at the gym. Water is free, and you can buy and store your own healthy snack for a fraction of what the commissary at the gym costs.

When buying your own treadmill, it is important that you shop around. Sit down, think about what your workout goals are. If you are just working out to get into shape, then a basic model that is inexpensive is a good choice. If you are training for some kind of event, then you may want a product that includes a lot of extras. These can include a heart monitor, mileage tracking, even a player that includes videos of events you may be entering. One such product is called the Boston Marathon GSX Treadmill, offered by Gym Source. This is a great treadmill for people who want to train for this marathon, or ones like it. It includes the 4.25 CHP drive, a rugged system with more power, a heavier drive and belt, and a more sturdy lower body, ideal for continuous use. It has a lot of other features, more than we can fit here :-)

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