endurance running

Better Performance Means Better Results in Sports

endurance running

In order to get the best results you can in your sport, you need to make sure that your performance is also the best. This means you have to be mentally as well as physically fit and in shape. It is all about preparing yourself for the big event. Eating the right foods, making sure your body is in optimal condition, and of course making sure your mind is in order and on the prize. Here are some tips to make sure you have the best performance.

Let’s take triathletes for an example. This endurance race has three parts, there is swimming, running and biking, not necessarily in that order. You are usually swimming in very cold water, then have to bike up down hills or in the mountains, and run on uneven courses. You have to be able to transition from one part of the course to another fast, and there is hardly ever time to rest. You have to be able to do your best on every part of the race, otherwise you will fall behind.

The first step to better performance is constant endurance. Sure you have to be physically fit, but you can be the strongest person in the world and not do well in a triathlon. In fact many bodybuilders try these sports only to fail miserably because they simply can’t keep up with the length of the race, the different aspects of the race, or have the mental capacity to be able to keep the pace up for hours at a time.

Experts say that if you are going to do one of these races, that you should train for at least a year before the event, training 18-30 hours per week, just like a part time job. This should include at least 225 biking miles, 48 running miles, and 7 miles for the swimming part of the course. This doesn’t have to mean you are outside even in the winter, If you have access good gym equipment and a pool, great. If possible you should go to the course you will be attending, so that you can get a good idea of the terrain you will be performing on.

Part of better performance is getting the proper nutrition. You need the right foods to give you the energy before your race, energy drinks that are not filling but replenish nutrients during your race, and of course afterwards when you really need a pickup. Sometimes eating the right foods simply isn’t enough. You may need a supplement to help with your performance.

One of the best sites that can help you with triathlete nutrition is First Endurance Supplements. This company is the number one provider of nutritional supplements used by athletes around the world, including triathletes. This company isn’t just trying to sell you some supplements either. First of all, all of their products include natural ingredients, so you get the lift and performance levels you need without worrying about chemicals or other ingredients that are going to interfere with the strict testing done by the sponsors of these events. Each product is tested over and over again, and show the results of these clinical tests.

Many athletes these days are using supplements from First Performance, including current and past Iron Man and other championship triathlons. Some of these include Jordan Rapp, Heather Wurtele and Amy Marsh, just to name a few. Not only are they using these products, but if you’re interested in learning what their nutrition plans and workouts are, this information is also included. Each person has their own profile, and all the awards they have won. Each person talks about what daily routine they use to get into shape before, during and after the event they attend.

Getting physically prepared for your sports is important, but just as important being mentally prepared. These endurance events take a long time, not like you normal sports that may only last an hour, two at the most. While you may get tired out after an hour of playing hard sports, it’s nothing like having to be out there most of the day, going from one extreme to another. These are grueling challenges, and are going to put your strength, endurance, and mental fortitude to its’ limits.

So how do you push through the pain? How do you keep from quitting when your body is screaming for relief? What puts the winners and even those who finish with top times is that they have mastered the art of putting aside the pain, pushing through the fear and fatigue. Many people use some kind of mental fortitude to continue to the end. Some people use visualization, focusing on their goal, seeing themselves as winning the race, or at the very least winning each leg of the course. Another method that athletes use is deep meditation. These are techniques you simply can’t learn overnight, and sometimes take years to master. It’s one thing to be able to sit in a quiet room and meditate without any distractions, but it takes a strong willed person to be able to concentrate on meditating when you are hurting, or have so many people around you.

You can find a number of different websites that offer meditation techniques. Most of these are totally free. It is a good idea to check out a number of sites before picking one you feel is right for you. Don’t expect to get into the ‘zone’ right away, it does take time. Once you have started meditation, try using it during your workout routine, especially when you are finding it hard to keep going, or you start getting tired. Just like being a good athlete, it takes practice to be able to go into your meditative state quickly.

To recap, when it comes to the best results in sports, no matter what it may be, you need the best performance. If you are going to do some kind of extreme sport like the Ironman competition, or other triathlons, then you need commitment, triathlon nutrition, and first endurance supplements. You can find first endurance at firstendurance.com.

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