Child Safety at Home

While you may not be able to protect your child everywhere, there are many ways you can protect them at home. Here are some of the many tips you can use everyday to help protect your child.

For small children who are just getting around, it is important that they are safe when they’re exploring the house. The stairs are dangerous, and many small children are hospitalized every year from falling down stairs. The most important thing you can do is buy a child safety gate. This attaches to the wall and the banister post, preventing children from accidental falls. However you should make sure that the gate is taller than the height of the child, and that it has a lock on the latch. Children are curious creatures, and they don’t like to be deterred from their explorations. They will try to climb over or open the gate.

Speaking of being curious, they are also interested in things like cupboards, low drawers, and even your electrical plugs. These need to be child proofed. There are outlet plugs that cover these outlets, are extremely hard to remove by children, and will protect them against electrical shocks. There are many products out there that also prevent drawers and doors from being opened by small children. These products should always be purchased, because let’s face it, you can’t always keep cleaning products in high places.

There are many types of kitchen dangers for young kids. One of them is stove tops. People who don’t have children often leave pot and pan handles sticking out past the edges of the stove without really thinking about it. When you become a parent, it is important that you get into the habit of moving these handles completely away from the edge of the stove, make sure that the cords for your fryers and cookers are kept up and away from the edge of counter tops.

As your children get older, safety in the home is still important, but it changes. Many parents today both have to work, to make sure that the needs of their children are taken care of. This often means that kids are left home for some period of time after school, so here too you have to be aware of safety and dangers. It is a good idea that you make sure they have some kind of snack prepared for them so they don’t have to cook. PB&J is good, fruit or vegetables that are already cut up, these are some suggestions.

It is important to teach your kids about burglary safety. Many people are looking to have some kind of Houston home security system installed in their home if they live in this part of the country. While you can have the best system possible, with doors and windows monitored, alarms that contact the authorities, even cameras and motion sensors, but if your kids don’t use it properly, then it isn’t going to prevent theft. They not only need to know how to set the alarm, but they need to make sure they are not giving out codes to their friends, no matter what. It is also important that when they get home from school the lock the doors behind them, and never answer the door to a stranger. If someone calls, and asks for you, they should never say you aren’t home, rather that you are busy and they should take a message or have them call back at a later time. You should do regular drills so they know what to do in an emergency, like calling 911, calling you, and even a trusted neighbor. Make sure there is a list of emergency numbers posted near the telephone, or are on their cell phones, or the refrigerator. These are just a few of the many different tips to help your child be safe at home, there are numerous online resources.

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