Common Skin Diseases


There are numerous skin diseases. According to the Healthline website, there are over forty different kinds of skin disorders. With so many different skin ailments, it would simply be impossible to fit them all into one small article. We will try to address a few of them, with some examples of natural remedies. More and more people are turning to natural remedies these days, since they can be just as effective, cost less, and are much safer than chemical treatments.

For example, ingrown nails are a common skin problem. It happens when the edges of the nail grow into the soft tissues of the skin. It is most common in toe nails, usually the big toe. Most of the time you can treat ingrown nails at home with simple remedies. For one, you need to keep your toe nails trimmed well. Some people believe that if you cut a V wedge into the middle of the nail it will reduce ingrown nails, but this is not true. You need to cut the nail straight across instead. One of the common reasons for ingrown nails is footwear that doesn’t allow the toes to sit in a relaxed position, meaning that your toes are all cramped together. Wearing shoes that are not constrictive allows your toe nails to grow properly, decreasing the chances of them growing into the skin.

Acne is another common skin disease, and this problem can have a number of different causes. While some people are more prone to acne than others, it is mostly caused by oily skin. There are many different treatments. If you are prone to acne, one way you can cut down on breakouts is to eat less greasy, fatty foods, which allow oils to build up in your skin. Washing your face often, and applying moisturizers can help greatly. Many people wear oil based make ups, which can contribute to breakouts. Avoiding these can help cut down on the occurrences of acne. There are a lot of people out there that tend to try to pop their pimples, and this is not a good idea. Doing this can cause worse skin problems, and can create scarring and pitting in the face.

Again, we can’t talk about all the different skin diseases out there, but one common skin disease is herpes. Many people associate herpes with genital herpes, but in truth if you have ever gotten a cold sore around the mouth area, you have herpes. Unfortunately, this disease has no cure, but you can cut down on the duration of the problem, whether you have cold sores or breakouts around the genital area. It is important to understand that while you have obvious symptoms that you avoid contact with people, no kissing, and especially no sex.

Let’s face it, when it comes to herpes, no matter which kind, we want it to go away as fast as possible. The burning, itching, and painful sores are no laughing matter. The problem is that using harsh chemicals can actually make the problem worse, and then you have to deal with short and long term side effects. You want a remedy that is powerful, effective, and works fast. While there are a lot of topical creams out there, one product seems to stand out above the rest. This is called Breakfree. This cream is all natural, and includes ingredients like grapefruit seed extract, which helps stop the growth of the virus. It includes St. John’s Wort, lavender, and rose oil, all great anti viral compounds. These are just a few of the all natural ingredients included in this homeopathic remedy. You can find a full list of ingredients as well as how you can order at their convenient website, http://www.natural-herpes-treatment.org/natural-cures-for-herpes.html. You don’t have to suffer from herpes, and you can try this product for a whole year with no worries.

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