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There are many good vacation spots for relaxation. It is important that you find a destination that is affordable, and one that offers a number of attractions. Each person has a different idea of what relaxation is. For some it is golfing, others just want to be pampered. Some people’s idea of relaxation is just sitting back and doing nothing, by the pool, on a beach, whatever. To others, being able to have access to shops and restaurants is relaxing, or being able to see landmarks and other attractions is the most relaxing experience.

It is almost impossible to talk about all the great relaxing vacation spots around the globe, so we will talk briefly about two of them. One is Sharm el Sheikh, on the Red Sea in southern Egypt. This vacation hot spot has many pink coral reefs, as well as plenty of marine life. It offers some of the best white sand beaches, as well as many opportunities for swimming and diving, especially Ras Mohamed National Park. This little city is one of the best spots because it is very inexpensive to vacation here. While there are plenty of first class hotels, what draws people are the holiday rentals, some as low as 50 dollars a night for a 1 bedroom villa that can accommodate up to four people. This is not only much cheaper than a hotel, but offers amenities like private bathrooms, fully stocked kitchens, and views that go on for miles. There are also many things to see and do, aside from relaxing on the beaches, shopping, and dining. There are many cruises, to Tiran Island, the Ras Mohamed coral reefs for snorkeling, and even glass bottom boat tours. You can have a private tour of Saint Catherine’s Monastery, and watch the sunrise on Moses’ Mountain. You can get a ride on a camel in the desert, quad tours, as well as many others.

Another hot spot for relaxing is the Canary Islands. This archipelago is part of Spain, but lies closer to Morocco, in the Atlantic Ocean. These islands offer many different attractions. The economy lies heavily on tourist dollars, but many of the people visiting the islands congregate along the cities on the coastline, leaving much of the rest of the island chain relatively untouched. because of this, much of the islands have an abundance of walking and hiking paths, where you can see the flora and fauna up close and personal. Getting around is also easy, since most of the islands have extensive public transportation. You can stay at one of the many resorts in the coastal cities, get out of the hustle and bustle during the day, then come back and enjoy the plentiful nightlife. For more information go to

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