Interesting Facts about the Scandinavian Lifestyle


The Scandinavian lifestyle and culture have their specifics that determine the attitude and the happiness level of the people living in this part of Europe. The career-driven attitude that is typical for many other Western countries is missing in Scandinavia. Instead, people view this as an opportunity to earn money and have a good, harmonious life.

Happy and Healthy
Most Scandinavian nations rank among the happiest and the healthiest in the world. They live a very lifestyle of belief in science, art and self-expression. Statistics show that Scandinavians are the people believing most strongly in evolution. More books are published per capita there than in any other part of the world.

Scandinavian people are also inspired by nature and its preservation. This is one of the main reasons for their health and wellbeing. Scandinavian countries have one of the best life expectancies worldwide for a reason. Simplicity and functionality are two guiding principles when it comes to all lifestyle decisions. Just think about Scandinavian design and furniture – these are minimalist, abstract and very functional.

People in these countries enjoy freedom from prejudices. Discrimination is a minor issue and people feel comfortable with all kinds of differences. This is why the Scandinavian countries are a happy and welcoming home for everyone, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.

Urban Life
Though most Scandinavians enjoy the urban lifestyle, they know how to bring nature in their everyday existence and how to make it meaningful.

Relaxation, freedom and family-values are the keys to the urban lifestyle in the Scandinavian countries. Some of the best family programs are developed by these nations. People get access to good education and to high quality medical services at a very early age. These are determining for wellbeing and happiness for many years to come.

Additionally, nature is always nearby. Many families spend their days off away from the cities. This lifestyle stimulates proper relaxation and unity with nature – two factors that are essential for being happy and satisfied with life.

Having Fun
People from Scandinavian countries know how to party. In the end of the week, most working individuals will get at least one good opportunity to spend quality time with friends and loved ones.

As already mentioned, family and relationships are a priority for Scandinavian people much more than building a career is. This is why they invest time and effort into establishing close relationships with others and having a good time.

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High Standard = High Quality of Life
Scandinavian countries have a very high standard of living. This is why they are a home of some of the world’s happiest and most positive people. There is emphasis on social services, leadership and innovations. Though predominantly family-driven, Scandinavian people have excellent employment opportunities that enable them to enjoy a high quality of life.

The Scandinavian cities are often ranked among the world’s best in terms of quality of living. Though they are much smaller than other metropolitan areas in the world, these cities have the regulations and the services that ensure quality and standards that are beyond opportunities available in other urban areas.

Scandinavian culture is very similar to many other Western value systems but there are still specifics and differences. These determine the uniqueness of the Scandinavian lifestyle. The happiness that people have achieved is a fine mix of social, cultural, employment and ethnical factors.

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