Most Common Addictions


Just about everyone has some kind of addiction. Even if you think you don’t you probably do. Some people have common addictions, alcohol addiction, smoking, even drug addiction. These are the most common, but there are also many more that many people may not think about. Sex can be an addiction, if you are constantly thinking about it, or are constantly on the internet looking for sexual stimulation. Sex addiction can be really dangerous, because it starts off with just regular ‘sex,’ then progresses as the addict needs more and more stimulation, leading to more perverse acts. This is often how rapists start out in many cases.

There are also other common addictions. You can be addicted to food, gambling, shopping, the internet, and many others. The definition of addiction is the enslavement of a person’s practice or habit. One that is so physically or mentally habit forming that if stopped would cause severe trauma. Sure there are addictions that are linked to real, actual physical withdrawal, smoking, alcohol, and some drugs, but there are other psychological addictions as well. People that are addicted to working or video games, or even addicted to another person often suffer the same ‘withdrawal’ symptoms as a person who smokes or abuses drugs and alcohol, even if it is psychological. For an example, let’s take work addictions. People with work addictions are constantly working, never take a vacation or sick leave. Even if they are forced to take time off, they will be on the internet, checking their business emails, maybe calling work to find out what’s going on, and will not be able to relax and enjoy themselves.

So what are some of the signs that you or someone you know have some kind of addiction? While each person is different, there are some common things you should watch out for. One of the most common is if the person puts their addiction above everything else. They are spending all their money on drugs, alcohol, or shopping. People with addictions can’t go without them, so having a lot of alcohol in the house, or drugs is a sure sign. If they are spending all their money on their addiction and not taking care of their bills, buying essential household items, or food, this is a sign of addiction. Those with shopping addictions may have rooms or a house full of items they have purchased. Many hoarding situations have started of with shopping addictions. You can find more information about this at;

If you suspect that someone has an addiction of some kind, then you need to take them to a substance abuse counselor. These people are specially trained to deal with people who have addictions, some deal with drug and alcohol abuse, others deal with sex addiction, work addiction, or shopping. They are highly trained and can help a person dealing with their problem. They have many different job descriptions, and while we can’t mention them all, here are a few of their responsibilities. One of them is they not only council people with the addiction, but their families as well. They try to find the underlying reason for the person’s problem. In many cases, addiction starts because of some physical or psychological trauma in their past, and these problems they may not even realize unless they are counselled.

The 12 core functions of addiction counseling are; screening, intake, orientation, assessment, treatment planning, counseling, case management, emergency intervention, education, referral, record keeping, and consulting with other professionals in the field. Each of these are extremely important, and needed to fully identify who the person is, what the underlying cause of their addiction, and the proper approach to the solution. If you are concerned about a loved one, and need more information, then go to this website

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