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Questions To Ask When Considering a Care Home

During your visiting to any of your local care homes, you’ll find that the process can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. You’ll want to make sure the care home you select is well-equipped, while verifying that it will be a place that your family member will love. To help you to avoid possible headaches along the way, there are some great questions you can ask each of the care homes you visit, until you find the perfect match.

Since you want to make sure the care home you select is well-equipped and secure, there are some good starting questions to ask. First, is the facility both Medicare and Medicaid certified? Great homes should be both, without ever having their license revoked at any time.

Next, check what the waiting period for admission is and if you are able to wait that long. Some facilities will allow move-ins right away, others may require 30 or more days, depending on their availability to go in and your family member may be required to wait on a waiting list for a room.

Staffing can be very different at each of these locations. Before you continue, always ensure that all employees are required to undergo a background check prior to their start date. Once that is done, check the patient to staff ratio and how many licensed nurses will be on staff at any given time. This includes aides and supporting staff who will be there for your loved one in the event they need extra help. There should also be regular care planning meetings held to reevaluate the needs of your loved one.

Then check on the visitation schedule that is available. Most homes don’t allow visitations around the clock. However, they should be willing to accommodate you to see your loved one within reason. Knowing the hours of visitation in advance can help to determine which location will work best for you, so your loved one doesn’t end up feeling neglected.

Ask to do a walkthrough of the facility and while you are doing this, ask them if the exits are all marked, if they have an escape plan in place. Then, take note of things like lighting in stairs and hallways and if bathrooms are equipped to handle the needs of your loved one.

Another important question is to ask about transportation to the appointments for your loved one. Does the facility require you to provide transportation, or do they have a van that can take them to and from their scheduled doctor’s visits? This will be important for the long term success of these patients.

At meal time, will the nutritional needs of your loved one be met? Is there someone on staff to help with eating and drinking and when they need a snack throughout the day will it be provided? How does the staff monitor the nutritional needs of others and if a physician writes an order for wine or alcohol on special occasions, will the facility allow it? While it might seem like a strange question, not all facilities will allow alcohol on their premise.

Finally, ask if all the cultural and religious beliefs of your loved one will be honored and be accommodated within reason. This is important, since you want them to be comfortable in their new home.

As you can see, there are plenty of questions that will need to be asked when you are dealing with care homes. Take your time when you are looking to find the perfect home and ensure that it will be the ideal match for your family member.

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