Some Obesity Facts

Obesity is something that is impacting people across the globe and even most of the kids have weight problems that need to be addressed. While weight loss with Lipo is a well known method, there are other things to consider.

To begin with, overweight and obesity are two different things. Being overweight means you have extra pounds on your body but your BMI is still under 25%. In turn, obesity is when fat is in excess of this percentage and it can have a negative impact on your health. While it is dangerous for anyone to be in the higher range, it doesn’t mean you can’t take action to help reduce your weight and to improve your physical health.

Over 1.5 billion people in the world are classified as being overweight. Another half a billion people are classified as being obese. The occurrence of obesity in people has dramatically risen over the years and since even most of the kids have weight problems, including obesity it is clear that the problem needs to be addressed. While an option like weight loss with Lipo 13 is a well known method, using it alone isn’t enough in adults and it isn’t a solution for children.

Children are in fact in a difficult situation, now that 40 million of them are listed as being overweight by the World Health Organization. This leads to the chance for cardiovascular events at a younger age and premature death being more likely for them. Also a concern is diabetes which can begin to appear in the body and have a further impact on the health of these children. With more countries experiencing obesity being a leading killer where diseases attributed to it make up 65% of the associated deaths compared to underweight deaths, it is a bit disturbing. In the world, 44% of diabetes cases are linked to obesity as are 23% of cardiovascular problems and 41% of cancer with many being more common in those who are morbidly obese.

In most cases, obesity is not caused by genetics or an underlying medical condition. While research has shown that some cases of obesity can be linked to this, a majority of the cases of obesity in the world are unhealthy diets where calories consumed far exceed the number of calories that are being expended through exercise. For example, if a person uses enough calories to support of 1,200 calories lifestyle and they are consuming 2,500 calories per day, the extra calories will be stored as fat in the body.

This problem is one that didn’t begin until the supersize era of a decade ago when restaurants began to serve unhealthy portions to support a more for your money attitude. As people began to increase in size, designers began to accommodate larger frames and there is a supportive nature for those who are heavier than others. Since surrounding environments have a considerable impact on the results that people have, it is important to make some positive changes now to support healthy weight loss.

This begins by incorporating healthier eating habits in the home. Pay close attention to fat and calories and ensure that you are making healthy choices when grocery shopping. You can also ensure that the entire family spends the time working out together and getting their recommended 30 minutes of exercise daily. Doing it together helps to promote it in your environment and keeps everyone at a healthy weight, while teaching them important habits that will follow them through the rest of their lives.

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