Sport of Horse Racing in the United Kingdom

The second largest spectator sport in the United Kingdom is horse racing. Known as a sport that grew in popularity among the aristocrats and royalty in society, it has become a refined and respected sport that has continued to grow and expand over the years. Today, it is a critical part of the economy taking in over £3.7 billion each year. With an ever growing number of dates and events routinely held, horse racing is a tradition and an excellent social event that continues to receive support and excitement from people of all walks of life.

In the United Kingdom, there are two types of horse racing which are the most common. They are National Hunt Racing, which includes hurdles and fences and Flat racing, which is an obstacle free course where speed is more important than jumping ability. While the overall choice of event type varies from one person to the next, both are respected among the people of the UK.


Knowing that horse racing is traditional and an excellent social event can help one to understand why it would be popular for the social butterflies in the area and traditionalists, but there are other reasons that draw people into the sport. For example, the fast paced races can get a person’s adrenaline pumping as they cheer on their favorite horses and riders. Like other major sports, there are stand outs and favorites and those on the sidelines continue to cheer on and celebrate the sport.

Part of the excitement also found on the field. Horses have the ability to become title holders and to gain recognition with their riders and with prizes for the top team reaching the millions of pounds, there is some motivation and drive to ensure that each racer performs at their peak levels.

Of course, spectators also love racing because they can bet on the horses. Payouts are dependent on the odds and it is possible to walk away with some great winnings if you begin to follow the horses and understand how to read them. The thrill and the excitement of gambling has led some to come up with formulas and even tips for some of the major events, such as Cheltenham tips, that are designed to give you an edge when you are looking to place a bet on the horses.

Horse races also take place through a majority of the year. With the exception of January and February, you will find that the remaining months are filled with some major festivals that draw in people from all over the United Kingdom. Some of the most famous of those include:

  • Cheltenham Festival (Cheltenham)
  • Scottish Grand National (Ayr)
  • Guineas Meeting (Newmarket)
  • Royal Ascot (Ascot)
  • Glorious Goodwood (Goodwood)
  • Ebor Festival (York)
  • St. Leger Meeting (Doncaster)
  • Champions Day (Ascot)
  • Racing Post Trophy (Doncaster)

The list of course goes on. For each you will find that there are Doncaster, Ascot and Cheltenham tips available online that can help you to gain an edge during these races. It is important that you do plan on betting on the horses, that you consider your odds and gamble sensibly. You can then get into the sport itself and feel the thrill and the excitement that comes with the world of horse racing. With plenty of adrenaline pumping action, you too will likely find yourself shouting your support for the horses you pick and you can celebrate in their victory as they cross the finish line.

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