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Sports and 21st Century Technology

Sports technology has come a long way, since the days of leather helmets and no safety equipment. Safety gear has come a long way, materials are more durable, lighter in weight, and offer much more protection. Cameras are everywhere now, especially in professional sports, so coaches can look at their team’s performance in real time, or record it for later use, so that players can see exactly what they did right as well as wrong. This way they can make changes right away so that the next game will be much better than the last.

It isn’t just about the safety of sports either, it’s about the training and performance too. Let’s take supplements. Back in the day there were few choices when it came to replenishing your nutrients before and after a workout or sport. This was really just water, possibly some kind of nutrient bar. These days there are all kinds of nutrient enhanced sports drinks. There are drinks that include vitamins, minerals, even electrolytes designed to improve you performance before training or playing sports, as well as refuel you during and after. There are many different performance enhancing products on the market, and they have become more commonplace.

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One of the biggest advances in sports technology is in performance tracking. It used to be that you had to go to a specialist that would hook you up to all kinds of machines, and you ran on a treadmill to track your performance. Who could really show their best performance with all this stuff attached to your body, and having to breathe through a tube? That might have been good for the individual player, but what about tracking the whole team’s performance? What about just a normal person wanting to keep track of their workout routines, or performance when you are just out with the guys, or girls, playing some B ball, or something else?

It used to be that if you wanted to track your performance, you had to carry a pocket full of gadgets with you when you were out running, or at the gym. You had to bring along a heart rate monitor, an odometer to track your distance, as well as many others. They were bulky, and you had to stop often, pulling out these devices, then have to do some math figures in your head in order to find out your personal performance. Half your day was spent just trying to figure out how much you’ve improved. It was more than a pain in the rear end.

These days all of that has changed. With 21st century technology, all these devices can now be in one, single device. I love the idea that I can track my performance just by turning my wrist, looking at my wrist monitor. It shows me at a glance my heart rate. It shows how many calories I’m burning, and since I’m diabetic, what my blood sugar levels are so that if it’s getting low I can stop and drink something to get these levels back to normal. Best of all, I can track my weekly, even monthly progress simply by downloading all my information onto my computer and use performance software to figure out how well I’m doing. These devices are also used to track the performance of whole teams when it comes to professional sports.

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