Top Reasons for Getting Fired

There are a number of legitimate reasons why an employee can be fired. While some reasons are perfectly legal, others like firing an employee who was injured on the job can be illegal. Of course you can always ask a workers compensation lawyer if you have been fired as they can review the circumstances surrounding your case and they can potentially help you with a wrongful termination suit. That does mean that you need to hire a knowledgeable workers compensation lawyer in Los Angeles who is on top of things.

Fortunately, most employers don’t generally fire an employee without a reason. What follows is a look at the top reasons why employees are fired from a company. This begins with damaging property of the company. Most people won’t get fired for an accident, but if you maliciously set out to damage company property, you won’t end up being rehired.

Using drugs or alcohol at work will almost always end up in you being terminated. While some supervisors will work with you and require random drug and Breathalyzer tests at work to continue working, most companies have opted for a zero tolerance policy. Even a medical marijuana card won’t always protect your position.

Any falsifying of documents is grounds for termination. Because of the sensitive nature of most company documents, even altering them in the favor of the employer can result in your termination. This can also be coupled with poor performance and misconduct in the workplace, depending on the nature of the falsifying. In some cases, it can also result in criminal charges being filed.

Refusing to do your job when it a request is reasonable can be considered insubordination. This is especially the case when you become aggressive and defiant with your supervisor. Of course, if the employer is asking you to do anything illegal it is within your right to refuse and if physical injury will occur due to safety gear not being available you can also refuse. If the point is still pressed, you can always ask a workers compensation lawyer what the local laws are pertaining to this, so you can prepare to leave and follow up with legal action.

Stealing from a company is a quick way to get fired. Theft is a zero tolerance item and if it is determined that you have committed theft of any kind, you could potentially face criminal charges. It doesn’t matter if the theft is money, intellectual property or anything else. Theft of any kind is going to be frowned upon and usually is exposed.

More employees are finding that using company property for personal use is a reason to be terminated. No matter if you are using the property to run your own business or to attend to your Facebook games, most companies will terminate you. It is best to leave company time and property devoted to the company and worrying about these other items when you get home.

Violating any company policy that is out there will also be grounds for termination. Most companies will give you a manual that covers all the policies for the company. It can be in your best interest to review this information. That way, there are no surprises when you are working and as long as you do your job and follow the guidelines of a company, you have a good chance of being there for years to come, even if you are hurt on the job. Should they approach you with a termination and refuse to pay medical costs, speak to a workers compensation lawyer to discuss your options.

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