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Upcoming Marathons 2014

What is it about marathons that attract so many people? There are hundreds of different marathons each year across the country. For example Stars and Stripes marathon in Long Beach California is an event coming up July 5th of this year. It offers a variety of races, from the 5,10, and 15 kilometer runs, to the half and full marathon. Chesapeake, Virginia is offering a 30 mile marathon on the 21st of June around Oak Grove Lake Park. In Issaquah Washington, the Taylor Mountain marathon is coming up at the end of this month. This is a trail run that offers short a short 5 mile trail run, all the way up to a 50K run. This annual event is presented by The Balanced Athlete, a company that offers a variety of running sportswear.

There are a number of reasons why people find marathons a great way to work out. One of them is that some people want to prove to themselves that they can push their bodies to the limits. For most people, running twenty miles is about what their bodies can endure. Being able to run a full marathon is a way to test their endurance, their strength, and overcome personal obstacles in their lives. Other people just want to compete with other like minded people. It’s a social experience, one of camaraderie, meeting new people with similar interests, meeting up with friends they may have made before, but haven’t seen in a year.

It is important to understand a few things about marathons. While it’s a great way to stay in shape, it isn’t recommended for everyone. Full marathons are long, 26 mile runs. Some of these are ran in areas with little shade, so you are exposed to the sun for hours at a time. If you choose to run, you have to make sure you can endure the heat, the length of the run, and the course you’re going to be running. If you are just getting back into shape, it is a good idea to start off small, with the 5K or 10K runs, and don’t do it thinking you’re going to come in first place. Set a pace for yourself, one that is comfortable, otherwise you’re going to become exhausted in a short amount of time. Only the most hard core athletes, those that run marathons on a regular basis, are going to finish with top marks. If possible, try to find some friends who also like to run to come with you, so you all can keep each other going when you are getting tired.

Another important aspect of running marathons is that you have the right apparel. It starts with the right shoes. You need shoes that are designed for runners, with gripping soles, a supportive and comfortable interior, and an outer shell that’s both durable, as well as breathable. They have to cushion your feet, lowering strain and the impact running has on your legs and joints. Price is often a big issue when it comes to buying the right running shoes. While buying some pair of cheap shoes that will probably wear out during your first run isn’t a good idea, you also don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars either. It is a good idea to stop by your local sport shop and talk with them about a reliable, affordable pair of shoes.

Another important consideration is the clothes you wear. While some of these runs may start out in the cool morning hours, that cool weather usually doesn’t last long. You want light, non restricting clothes that are comfortable and long lasting. For an example, if you are a woman, cute Sparkle running skirts are more comfortable, affordable, and make a great fashion statement. Sparkle is an online company offering a wide selection of running wear and accessories, including running skirts, race visors, racing wings and more.

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