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Ways to Fight Hair Loss

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No one wants to lose their hair. For most men and women, hair loss triggers a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are some options out there that allow you to reverse the effects and in some cases, prevent anyone from noticing the change. This includes options like hair transplants that are designed to remove a strip of hair from the back of your head and to place the grafts back onto sections of your head where hair has started to thin. But this tried and true approach isn’t the only one.

For example, there is the scar free hair transplant that prevents scarring on the back of the head. This approach uses what is known as follicular unit extraction where hair grafts are harvested one at a time. This is either done by a doctor individually, or with a machine. When this is done, tiny hole are placed in the head and the grafts are then pulled. This reduces healing time and improves regrowth by as much as 80%. This procedure requires about 1600 – 2200 grafts to work and the average per graft rate is $7. That means you are spending anywhere from $11,200 – $15,400 for this procedure. It is important to obtain a quote for these services in advance, as final pricing may vary.

Cell therapy is another choice you have. This uses a process that is known as platelet rich plasma where some of your blood is spun and growth factor proteins are pulled from it. These proteins are then placed in your scalp and they can potentially awaken the hair s that have become dormant and stop hair loss. This can also help when you have a transplant, as it can help the transplants to heal faster and improve hair growth. While not as costly as your other options, this procedure does run anywhere from $450 – $1,200. Of course, the final price will vary by location.

For some, over the counter options can be the way to go. Options like Propecia, Rogaine and others have the potential to work, but they tend to have mixed results. However, you can find supplements that range from $10 – $300 on the market. If you do choose to go this route, you should continue to work closely with a physician as some of the medications have the potential to cause additional hair loss, cardiovascular concerns and even sexual dysfunction. It is important you understand the side effects before proceeding with them.

Another option that is available is laser hair therapy. With this approach, the light in a laser helps to stimulate the blood flow in an area that promotes hair growth. It also helps the proteins in the hair responsible for your hair to begin the regeneration process and for many men this will be the best solution available. When you look at laser hair therapy, you will find that 80% of those who seek treatment will stop hair loss from progressing with 40% of those men experiencing thicker hair than they had prior to starting treatment. That means you can have significant results that range from $75 for a single session, to $1,900 for annual packages through many offices. You should speak to the physician assisting you for their actual rate.

It is important that you do weigh all the options that you have before you move forward with any plan to fight hair loss. With many different options on the market, you want to be sure you do select the one that is right for your situation that can deliver the best results, without you having to spend a fortune on the treatment sessions that it requires.

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