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What Makes Wine Special?

Wine is used a lot. It is given to people as a housewarming gift, served at weddings, or other special occasions, and even drank by some on a daily basis. Some wine you can buy by the box, or in the bottle. You can spend just a few dollars, hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a single bottle. Depending on where it comes from, wine can gain value over time, so it can be an investment in the future. It has to be kept at a certain temperature, under low light conditions, otherwise it spoils and isn’t worth anything.

So what makes wine so special? A lot depends on the wine, and the person. Some people have a special wine because of a certain occasion. Couples often have a bottle of wine stashed away somewhere because it was given to them on their wedding day. Others keep a special bottle because it commemorates a graduation, a promotion at work, or some other important event in their lives.

WIne can be made from just about any fruit, but the most common ingredient is grapes. Wine is grown all over the world, depending on the climate. It has been around for thousands of years. Some of the aspects that make a wine special are where the wine is grown, the type of wine it is, and how old it is. A wine made from original vineyards in Italy, or South Africa are some of the rarest and most expensive brands and bottles. The older the wine, the rarity of the blend, and the specific region, the more expensive it is.

There are other reasons why wine is special. In moderation, drinking wine can have health benefits. Red wine especially because it is full of antioxidants, and can help increase good cholesterol in your body, helping to reduce or even prevent some heart disease. In addition to having antioxidants, red wine also includes polyphenols that line and protect the inside walls of your blood vessels, helping to prevent plaque from developing. While really only widely tested on animals, another ingredient in red wine that can be beneficial for humans is called Resveratrol. In mice it is reported that it can help reduce bad cholesterol, help with maintaining weight, and maybe even prevent adult onset diabetes. One important note is that these tests were only performed on mice, and that a person would have to drink so much wine per day they would die from alcohol poisoning before these effects would be beneficial. One the other hand, you may be able to gain these benefits from long term wine drinking, a few glasses a day over time.

It is important to understand that while wine can have health benefits, this doesn’t give you a ticket to start drinking it all the time. The problems and dangers of becoming an alcoholic far outweigh any health benefits that may be associated with drinking wine, or even beer. That doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t have a glass of wine at dinner, to relax, or for special occasions, it means that just like other indulgences, it should be done in moderation.

If you are considering buying a bottle of wine for someone’s special occasion, you also need wine glasses to make the moment perfect. This way, even after the bottle is gone, they still have something to remember the event, as well as the person that gave it to them. If you are considering giving someone a commemorative bottle of wine, and want to find a good website where you can get personalized wine glasses, one site can help you. This site is called, The Bridal Gift. Not only do they offer customizable wine glasses, but many other wedding and bridal related products.

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