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Why Are Eye Tests Important?

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Since your eyes generally don’t hurt unless something is seriously wrong, it will be important to have a routine test done. What you will find is that a sight test has the possibility to spot the early stages of eye conditions, before any symptoms begin to appear. As your eye doctor likely learned in their optician training and will share with you, most conditions can be successfully treated early on.

At the first stages, your eye test will give you the chance to determine if your current glasses are going to be the right strength and whether or not you need to get glasses for the first time. These results are based on where your eyesight currently is. While 20/20 is considered perfect vision, glasses can be prescribed when your eyes fall below this level and your eye doctor will determine the appropriate strength for these glasses.

As part of the eye test, the optometrist will take a moment to do a general inspection of your eyes. This will allow them to spot an eye disease you might not be aware of. In fact, many health conditions can contribute to poor eye health. The most common of the health conditions you may face are diabetes, macular degeneration and also glaucoma. You may also be inspected for cataracts that can form on the eye and make seeing difficult.

During optician training, your doctor learned how to administer the site test. How it is handled is mandated by law and it helps to determine your vision level and what corrective lenses are going to be required to correct your eyesight. Typically, these tests are done every two year, but you may be asked to do them more often, if there are any underlying concerns. During this time, your optician will begin to fit your glasses. During this time, they will discuss the area around the eyes and determine if you have any injuries, diseases or an abnormality that will need to be addressed. If everything seems okay, they may simply fit you for glasses or contact lenses and then schedule a future test in a few weeks to determine whether or not the power of the lenses needs to be adjusted.

In most cases, after your eye test, you will be allowed to leave and there won’t be anything further that needs to be done. If there is a need for correction, this will be covered and if you need a referral because of a more severe concern that will be addressed at this time. If you are referred to your general practitioner, it is important that you schedule the appointment as quickly as possible to address underlying health concerns that can impact more than just your eyes.

It is important to understand that if you are given a prescription, you are under no obligation to have it filled by the physician that administers your test. Instead, you can go to a supplier of your choice and have your prescription filled. If you find that your medical professional will not issue a prescription, you can report them to your local licensing board. However, this shouldn’t be a concern with most providers.

With the advancements to eye health, it is possible to work past many of the different eye health problems that can be encountered. It is important that you do all you can to help maintain the health of your eyes and keep up to date with you routine inspections. That way, concerns can be spotted and treated as needed. This can prolong the health of your eyes and reduce the risk you have of blindness.

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