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Working With a Personal Trainer

Working out at the gym has its share of risks and rewards – the risks of being injured, getting boredom, and suffering from exercise plateau on one hand as well as the rewards of getting physically fit on the other hand. But when the risks become greater than the rewards, such as when your exercise results are not showing improvements despite your increased effort, then it is probably time to hire a personal trainer.

Enjoy the Benefits

Keep in mind that hiring a personal trainer requires commitment in terms of your time, effort and money. You must show up for your appointments and perform the exercises so as to enjoy the best value for the money paid for the personal trainer’s services.

personal trainer

Your personal trainer can help on so many aspects including but not limited to:

• Get started on the right foot. Your personal trainer has the knowledge and skills to design a customized exercise plan that will meet your fitness goals. Your exercise plan will be suited to your age, physical condition and schedule as well as the aforementioned fitness goals (e.g., lose weight, tone muscle).

• Learn proper form and techniques. Your personal trainer gives you tips and hints that will minimize your risks for injuries and maximize your enjoyment of the exercises as well as the results that come from their performance.

• Stay motivated. You will become discouraged at many points during your exercise program but, fortunately, your personal trainer also has the knowledge and skills to keep you motivated and inspired to report to the gym and perform your exercises. Your personal trainer also gives you tips and hints that will help you stay motivated even in your home exercises as well as in your adoption of a healthy diet and sensible lifestyle habits.

Indeed, you are more likely to achieve your fitness goals when you have a personal trainer on your corner! You can stay on track because you have a fitness trainer-cum-motivator who will work with you in this regard. You will also benefit from his/her education, training and work experience in the profession – and it is, indeed, a profession!

Finding the Best

But just because a personal trainer has the knowledge and skills does not necessarily mean that he/she is the right personal trainer for you either. You must find the most suitable one for your needs and wants, even your personality and preferences. You will be working out with him/her for at least an hour each day, after all, so you must also get along well together.

• Ask for credentials first.

• Ask for client references.

• Observe the personal trainer in action.

• Ask him/her questions.

Of course, even the best personal trainer can only do so much for your health. You must also push the weights, run the laps, and pull on the resistance bands, among others, to get the best benefits from exercise!

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